Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Food Rating @ Cupcake

Bijoux Cupcake@KLCC



The store design was so beautiful♥


So many types of cupcake there
Hard to choose it>.<

Here is the display cupcake
Its so cute~ looks real.

Finally bought for myself cupcake!
want to eat for a long time .....

~Vanila Garden~
chocalate cupcake with vanila frosting

vanila cupcake with chocolate frosting

Now I really know that why everyone is willing to pay RM5 for each cupcake. 
Can't forget the TASTE...
Gonna buy it again!

*How To Enjoy Your Cupcake in the right way*

#Make sure to bite a bit of cake
and frosting at the same time to really
enjoy the combination of flavours.

#Don't use a fork!!it only makes things messy
and more difficult to eat.

#Don't eat the frosting first, should enjoy
your cupcake more when you eat it with cake.

#Dont eat it all in one bite,
take your time and enjoy it.


I give Bijoux Cupcake ★★★

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